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Can you afford not to Horde?

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Over 200,000 downloads

advantages item Never pay more than you should

See a snapshot of how your spending compares to the best deals on the market

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advantages item Make informed decisions

Never doubt a financial decision again with Horde prediction

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advantages item Access Horde community offers

As a part of Horde you will get access to deals, tips and tricks.

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advantages item Manage loans from friends and family

Set up contracts, make payments, download tax reports and much more

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Customer First Finance

I started Horde with the following promise: You should have easy access to your finances, not pay more than necessary, always have financial options and know the consequences of the choices you make. My team and I work every day to deliver on these promises, and to make it easy for you to take control of your own finances.

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200k+ community members

Horde is much more than a personal finance app, it is also promise to continue to challenge the established ideas of who and what controls your personal economy. Being part of the Horde means you benefit from the collective bargaining and unique intelligence powered by 200k+ Horde members.

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Success tool kit

Personal economy covers everything from smart planning, understanding unnecessarily complicated services, dealing with the highs and lows and minimizing stress. At Horde we work tirelessly to help improve every aspect of your personal economy with tips, advice, resources and lots more all directly in the app.

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Horde - making a difference

Horde is a community owned company whose founding principle is to deliver value at every opportunity. It is a partnership that extends beyond personal economy to contribute in a number of areas.

Some highlights for 2022 include,
  • The Horde internship and mentorship program gives Norwegian students practical experience in finance, innovation, technology and media production.
  • Horde sponsor a number of Norwegian initiatives including using eSports to foster positive mental health
  • Horde is a founder of FinTech Norway, a company that helps regulate and promote Financial technology and innovation in Norway
  • Horde works with NCE Finance innovation and provides guest lectures and mentoring.
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Horde partners
Price example of consumer loans:

Effective interest rate 9.78 %. A loan of NOK 135,000 over five years results in a cost of NOK 34,601. the total repayment will be NOK 169,601.

Price example for Mortgage:

Effective interest 2,32 %, 2 million Kr over 25 years, cost 631 667, total NOK 2 631 667

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